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Title: The First Son
Word Count: 1070
Warnings: Mentions of infidelity, mild language
Prompts: Ooh! If I could have a helen!fic to call my very own, I would want something involving Lucius and Draco ('cos I loved Malfoy Visit to Borgin and Burkes so very much). Plot elements: traditions and whether they should be upheld (is there a tradition Lucius would not want to uphold?), a "teachable" moment, and possibly some family history. Genre could be anything from pure fluff to total darkness, depending on what takes your muse's fancy. Whether Narcissa is involved is totally up to you.
ETA: Effing LJ... messing up the damn spacing! It should be much more readable now.

The First Son... )


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Time Stealing Watch

by helen

Characters: Narcissa/Lucius, Bellatrix
Rating: PG13 for language

Summary: In response to a review discussion with slasher454. Set in her Borgin & Burke's: An Inventory universe. What would happen if Lucius somehow procured that watch?

Narcissa gasped as she observed Lucius readying himself for bed by first removing the cufflinks from his shirt and then his wrist watch. “Where did you get that?” Narcissa asked, clearly distressed to see the timepiece he had just placed on the dressing table.

“Bella gave it to me some time ago. Why? Is something amiss?”

“Did she give any reason for her unexpected gift?” Narcissa fretted as she continued to eye the seemingly innocuous accessory.

“She said this was a ‘token of her regard for me.’ Is there something I should be aware of?” Lucius inquired, clearly disturbed by the turn their conversation had taken.

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed as she contemplated her sister’s ambiguous statement. Hmmm… an excellent reason to Cruciate the bitch. “I’m not certain how to explain this to you without you flying off in a mad rage, determined to hex Bella six ways from Sunday.”

Lucius furrowed his brow. The subtle lines of his face were significantly more pronounced than a mere few weeks before. Narcissa drew a deep breath and began her explanation. “Several years before Bella married Rodolphus, she was being courted by a most unpleasant man named Nicodemus Patil. He pursued her even though she obviously wasn’t interested in him. She became disgusted with his overtures and eventually made one of her own. She presented him a gold wrist watch as ‘a token of her regard.’ Nicodemus was found dead three weeks later.”

Lucius was stunned at this revelation. “How did he die?” he asked, his stomach twisting as he prepared for a sickening answer.

“Old age,” Narcissa said simply.

Lucius looked at her quizzically. “You mean he was significantly older than Bella and he pursued her regardless?” Lucius released an undignified snort. “If Draco’s tale about the Patil twins are any indication, ‘over-eagerness’ must run rampant in their family. The loss of the Patil family’s patriarch must have been expected.”

Narcissa shook her head at her husband. “He wasn’t the current Patil patriarch, but rather the brother of the Patil twins’ father. He was thirty-five when he died.”

Lucius seemed even more confused, so he urged Narcissa to continue her tale. “His old age was brought about by that timepiece you’ve been wearing. It’s cursed. It somehow steals time and life force from the wearer, aging that person approximately four years with each passing day. Nicodemus had aged over one hundred years in less than a month.” Narcissa’s throat tightened, thinking about the implications of Lucius wearing that dreaded watch for an extended period. “Please tell me, darling. How long have you been wearing that damned thing?”

Regaining his composure, Lucius breathed deeply and replied, “Only a few days while my usual watch is at the jeweler. Bella seemed unusually giddy when I showed her the watch on my arm. I’ll need to show that psychotic bitch once and for all that it is never wise to attempt to fool a Malfoy.”

Narcissa nodded her head in agreement. She couldn’t verbally respond, as she was consumed by the thought of Bellatrix deliberately destroying their lives. Narcissa could hardly wait to start showing Bella the true meaning of family.

Time Stealing Watch
by helen

Characters: Narcissa/Lucius, Bellatrix
Rating: PG13 for language
Summary: Narcissa shows Bellatrix why it's never wise to toy with a Malfoy.

She waited for her in the drawing room. Narcissa knew Bella had a sick fascination with that room, but she really couldn't understand it. It had all started when the Dark Lord had returned to corporeal form and released his loyal servants from Azkaban.

Bella had commandeered the drawing room as her above ground torture chamber. While Bella relished the agony a long visit to the rack in the dungeons brought her victims, she also enjoyed having a secondary location for question and torture sessions when people needed to appear before the Dark Lord.

Narcissa knew Bellatrix was coming before she ever said a word. It was those shoes. Those damnable, spike-heeled ankle boots that could double as a weapon in a pinch made an atrocious noise as Bella walked across the floor. The sound of of the steel point tapping against the Malfoys' beautiful hardwood flooring was almost more than Narcissa could bear.

Narcissa set down her brandy glass when she heard a disturbance in the hallway. Bella was once again arguing with Abraxas' portrait. “Don't you dare turn away from me, Bellatrix Black!” the Malfoy patriarch shouted.

“My surname is Lestrange, you senile old man.”

“You're not fit to be a part of the noble house of Lestrange. Rodolphus was out of his mind to even consider courting you, much less marrying yo...”

Bella hexed his portrait and he fell silent in the middle of his tirade. She straightened her clothing, which had become rumpled during their argument, before entering her favorite room to ready it for that night's meeting.

A wandless Incarcerous restrained Bella and wrenched her wand away from her. “Cissa, what is the meaning of this? You know we have inferior guests to prepare for. This is no time for silly games. Release me at...”

“Quiet, Bella!”

“How dare you speak to me that way, Narcissa. Still upset that poor Luci-Lu has fallen out of favor?” Bella mocked in that sickening, sing-song voice that had Narcissa's wand hand itching for a quick hex.

“Hold your tongue, or I will Silencio it into submission. Is that clear, dear sister of mine? I only have one question for you, and if you refuse to answer or do not give me a satisfactory response, expect to feel my displeasure.”

If Bella was the least bit concerned by her sister's words, she certainly didn't show it. “Get on with it, then. I have preparations to make for the Dark Lord's audience tonight.”

Narcissa reached for the small box next to her brandy glass. Her hands shook slightly as she struggled to keep from hexing Bellatrix into a pile of ash. “Care to explain this?” Narcissa asked as she opened the box and showed Bella the gold watch within.

Bella laughed. Her hysterical laugh grated on Narcissa's last nerve. In the blink of an eye, Narcissa snapped the box shut and struck Bella soundly across the face. “Now look what you made me do, Bella. Attack you like a lowly Muggle, simply because you refused to answer my question. Now, I'll ask you one last time to explain this item,” Narcissa said as she opened the box once more, “and you had better do so to my complete and utter satisfaction.”

Narcissa could almost taste the hate radiating off of her sister. “What more could you possibly want to know about that watch? You already know what it is, what it does. There's nothing else to explain. Now release me, and I shall forgive you for this minor indiscretion.”

“Hmph,” Narcissa uttered in disbelief. “The day you easily forgive anyone of anything is the day Muggles rule the world. I know all about this timepiece, but what I don't know is what it was doing on my husband's arm.”

“Poor, deluded Narcissa,” Bella replied, “always worried about herself and never focusing on the bigger picture. Why do you think I gave him that particular item? Because of my regard for him, you silly fool.” Bella began laughing once more. Narcissa's ire grew with every breath her sister took. Slowly, Narcissa removed the watch from its case and began chanting quietly, calling on the Malfoy ancestors to grant her the power to do what needed to be done.

Bella fell silent as Narcissa moved closer, her voice never wavering as she secured the watch to Bella's wand arm. “What are you doing, Cissa? You know what that watch will do to me. Remove it at once!” Her voice grew louder and more hysterical with each passing moment as Narcissa refused to respond to her demands.

Narcissa's hand made one final pass over the watch. It glowed a silvery green as the ancient Malfoy magic bound the watch to Bellatrix's arm. Now, only a Malfoy could remove it from Bella's body. “Poor, deluded Bellatrix,” Narcissa whispered to her sister, “always looking for a way to get one over on the perceived competition. You made a serious error in giving Lucius such a gift. I certainly hope you remember how to make Retinol Potion. You'll likely need it, if you hope to remain in the Dark Lord's favor. You wouldn't want to get tossed over for a younger model.” Narcissa gave her sister one last dark look, then walked away, leaving Bella to her panic.

Bellatrix's restraints released the moment Narcissa closed the door. Frantically, she tried to remove the damnable watch from her arm. It was a futile effort, as she realized Narcissa had drawn on the magic of Lucius' ancestral home to bind the watch to her arm. Thankfully, the Dark Lord planned to attack Hogwarts within the next week. Perhaps by then she would have earned her sister's forgiveness, before the watch irreversibly affected her magic. It wouldn't do to have old age slow her down in the heat of battle.


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