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Now that my fellow quiz prize winner [ profile] madeleone  has bragged about her present I can feel comfortable bragging about my own. [ profile] morethansirius is an awesome Quiz Princess and I can't thank her enough for the wonderful prize. The very moment I got it home from the mailbox, I started putting things in it to see how it would feel on my arm. I am a bag-whore (i.e. I Lurvz teh bagz), so this prize just made my year!
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Yes, I'm a know-it-all and damn proud of it. Check out my shiny for acing this week's quiz. I adore this pic of Snape!

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Yea! I got all my answers correct on this week's quiz. There were a few listed fics I never would have found on my own, so I'm most grateful to the fabulous [ profile] mollyssister and [ profile] morethansirius for pointing me in the direction of this great author! Check out my know-it-all banner:

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A few weeks ago on the SSHG quiz was the prolific author [personal profile] lady_karelia round. I was the first to turn in my answers and I thought I would just get the standard correct answer banner. Was I ever glad to be wrong. [ profile] morethansirius and[ profile] mollyssister bestowed upon me tangible prezzies that I now wish to share with you all. Now while I can't actually allow my great prezzies to make the rounds to my cyber friends, I can share pics of the goodies and SQUEE in fangurlish delight!

For some reason, LJ is not letting me put in the pic. So I have made it into an icon for this post which you might be able to get a better view of from my profile.

Here's a quick run down of everything I received, beginning with the letter, bottom center...working  clockwise.

1. letter basically saying "enjoy the prezzies"

2. Hogwarts key chain: side 1- PoA photo (shown), Snape protecting the Trio   side 2 - SS photo, first years crossing the Black Lake w/ "SSHG Quiz" caption

3. lovely rendition of singing Snape. Behind it is a clear, magnetic photo frame.

4. photo of a passionate SSHG kiss

5. photo of the hot SSHG quiz banner of Severus writing on Hermione's back

I just wanted to share the SSHG love!

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Woo Hoo! I aced the Lady In The Cloak Prolific Author quiz. What a great way to end my unbelievably crappy weekend.

Here's my banner:


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