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My niece, whom I was spouting love for yesterday best stay away from me...or I swear by all that is holy I will strangle her!

She brought her SIM3 pc game over yesterday and installed it on the computer. It killed the virtual memory, froze the computer, and somehow got her to install Norton Antivirus. (it must have been part of the support software available for download from the tech support page for her game) Now I can't go to the O.W.L page. It spouted some ignorant crap about it being rejected by my server, and I should check my browser for scumware. WTF?!?!?!?

I am so annoyed, words can't even describe my homicidal urges. I can go to every other HP site I have in my bookmarks except that one, when I finally have the chance to support my house, Ravenclaw, by reviewing my fool head off and submitting some of my beta'd work. I've been so immersed in other projects, I haven't been able to devote the time I need to garner points for my house *GRRRS*

If I can't figure out the problem, I swear I'm gonna wipe it all and reinstall everything! MAN I'M SO PISSED!!!
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I'm almost finished with my Hermione Fuh-Q-Fest fic. In the past two days I have written approximately 3500 words of plotty goodness. Now I'm getting to the meat of the story...the smutty good stuff...the big ta-da if you will and now...I GOT NOTHING!!! Every single lead up I have created in my head sounds boring and trite. What I want to say (at least in my own mind) sounds like the exact same stuff I have read over and over again, ad nauseum. Hermione (and her partner) in this fic deserve a BIG finish and I don't want to write something that just sounds completely lame.

AUGH! Perhaps I shall immerse myself in my Playgirl collection and garner a bit of inspiration there. I wish I wasn't having such a problem writing some quality smut. Maybe it's because I've put so much into it,created so much in such a short time, that I don't want the end to be a let down. 3500 words in two days is A LOT for me and I really want to put forth my best as it's with a ship I've never written before and it will be my first fic over at Granger Enchanted.

ETA: The smut is actually free flowing now. I am immensely grateful that I somehow got past my inopportune brain freeze.


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