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In an effort to make the creativity process as painless as possible for the person who received my prompts, I'm giving a run-down of what I like and dislike in fic, art, craft, multimedia. I hope whoever received my prompts will find this post helpful.

My squicks/dislikes: Explicit torture, explicit sexual abuse, child abuse and animal abuse will turn me off a story. Extreme kink – watersports, hardcore BDSM, etc.
Dead!Severus, and Ron/Hermione are both definite dislikes. Canon compliance is not required and the Epilogue is best forgotten.
Door Mat!Hermione/Severus – I don’t want to read about them being someone’s physical or emotional dumping ground.
Chan types of situations are definitely not for me.
Crossovers – I know the mods have made this a ‘no-no rule’ however, fic based on other fic (i.e. a regency type of fic) really doesn’t float my boat. I LOVED Aurette’s Of Muggles and Magic, but it’s just not the kind of fic I would want to receive as my gift.

Things I like: AU fics. Give me something that has never happened in the HP world, and you’ve got me interested. I like to see a writer’s creativity with new potions and magic.
Snarky, foul-tempered Severus is always a good thing. Hermione is a woman who is intelligent, and goes after what she wants. I prefer a happy ending, but dark!fic intrigues me too. I’m a sucker for overcoming conflict/adversity stories.

For art: I really don’t have much to say in the way of what type of art I like. I'm not overly fond of the Anime-style of art, but other than that I’m open to just about anything. Don’t misunderstand me, there is some great Anime art out there, it just doesn’t do much for me.

The bottom line: Canon is not my friend. AU is wonderful. In-character/Out-of-Character isn’t really an issue so long as there is a compelling story to go along with it. If you go with the art/craft/other media prompts I will ♥ you just for creating something especially for me!

Best of luck with the plot bunnies!


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