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And why do I feel that way, me The Original Grinch Who Hates Christmas? Because my exchange gift posted today, that's why!!!

A Dish Best Served is a delicious, borderline NSFW art that's based on my ficlet Revenge is a Dish Best Served.  There is so much to love about it... sexy shoes, button play, a satisfied Severus, a playful Hermione. All in all, it's beautiful and perfectly captures that essence of naughtiness that our couple has in their afterglow.

Now, go forth, view the loveliness and leave lots of review love for the Mystery Artist!

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So, many of you know that [ profile] pokeystar  (along with a few other LJers) runs Exchange Bingo. The most recent round was for the Dramione exchange. Yes, I participated (in the BINGO playing, not the exchange) and I won an uber-fantastic prize...envy-inducing pics under the cut... )

I can't possibly thank Pokey enough for offering this up as a prize. The cookies are delightful and I am rationing them to make it last as long as possible. :D
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Now that my fellow quiz prize winner [ profile] madeleone  has bragged about her present I can feel comfortable bragging about my own. [ profile] morethansirius is an awesome Quiz Princess and I can't thank her enough for the wonderful prize. The very moment I got it home from the mailbox, I started putting things in it to see how it would feel on my arm. I am a bag-whore (i.e. I Lurvz teh bagz), so this prize just made my year!
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Yay! The OWL Awards lists are up. And I must thank whomever nommed A Malfoy Visit to Borgin and Burkes for the Draconian Measures category and Truth in Advertising in the Humour category. I'm overwhelmed that someone (multiple someones) felt that my stuff was worthy to be nominated.

I know it's a cliche to say this but, "It really is an honor just to be nominated." My fics are listed with the works of some amazingly talented writers and I am humbled that people think my stuff might be worthy of an OWL Award.

{{squishes you all}}
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OMG!! I'm on the quiz, I'm on the quiz, I'm on the SS/HG quiz!
That is all. Will post my shiny later.

YAY! *squees in fangirlish delight*

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Here's my banner for the OWL: A History game.

Here's your final patch. It has 8 stars - the maximum - because you posted more than 4 chapters, 8 drabbles, and left more than 800 reviews during the month! Wow! OWL Staff and Ravenclaw House thank you!

Now, for being part of Ravenclaw--the winner House--congratulations! Take this patch and pin it proudly to your robe as a reward.

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Yes, I'm a know-it-all and damn proud of it. Check out my shiny for acing this week's quiz. I adore this pic of Snape!


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