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I knew that the very second I turned my laptop in for service it would be the very last time I ever saw it. I received a call today from the Service Center saying the estimate for a new motherboard will be $333.03. WTF? I *just* bought the 2 year extended warranty plan and now they tell me that the cost of repairs far exceed the current market value of my laptop, so I will get an in-store credit for the current value towards the purchase of a new laptop. I don't even understand what the whole "it needs a new motherboard" thing is all about anyway. The only thing wrong with the laptop was the USB ports wouldn't hold a connection and the charger wouldn't charge the laptop.

I am ROYALLY PISSED OFF!!! I bought this laptop Feb 2010. I paid $375 for it. One year later I bought the warranty for $140. Now they tell me I will get a $350 credit, and since the terms of my warranty are considered fulfilled with the replacement of the laptop, I will lose out on any extra warranty coverage aside from the 1 year coverage I get from the manufacturer at the time of a new purchase. I totally understand depreciation and current value vs. actual cost, but it really angers me that <company> is being so cavalier about the whole situation. "Oh, just come to the store. We'll junk it out and give you $X worth of credit towards a new one." Like it's not a complete inconvenience to have to travel to the store that is over 50 miles away with gas prices hovering around $3.70 a gallon and need pay the difference between the credit and the actual cost of a laptop.

I am surprised that I was able to write a coherent post, I am shaking with anger.
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